Punk Bites

February 1996

Our First Single Ever Released “Living Alone” Highlighting the Bands Unique Style and Setting the Wheels in Motion for Rubberneck.

One Big Happy Slam Pit

August 1996

Rubberneck’s Second Single “It’s Right” Released Solidifying them as a Driving Force in the World of Punk Rock.

Young M.C.

July 1997

Rubberneck Co-Writes and Co-Produces a Track with Young MC. Featured on the Howard Stern Show and Lovelines.


September 1997

Our First Album “Victim” On Overall Records 13 New Songs Produced by Ryan Green (Nofx, Lagwagon, NoUse For A Name, Ect.) Followed Up with a Full US Tour.


August 1998

“The Juandeerer” Off of the Victim Album was Released on a New Compilation Featuring Sublime, Blink 182, Nofx, and Pennywise on Rhino records.

The 2 Minute Wonder

February 1999

Rubberneck’s First International Release on a Compilation for Canadian Based Label “Hour Glass Records” Followed with a Tour of Canada in May 1999.

The Bay After

July 1999

Rubberneck Records a Cover of the Circle Jerks Classic “Live Fast Die Young” for a Compilation Spoilighting New Punk Bands Covering Old Punk Bands.


October 1999

Rubberneck Produces their Self Released Second Album “Driven.”

RKL Tribute

March 2002

Rubberneck Records “Unborn Child” for an RKL Tribute Album.